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Krugerrand Anniversary

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On Monday 3 July, it will be the official 50th birthday of the Krugerrand. Interestingly, during the ceremonial first striking on 3 July 1967, there were only 5 people present namely Dr and Mrs Diederichs, Victor Lodder (Secretary of the Treasury) and Koos and Adele Goenewald (Director of the Mint). A photograph of this page in the visitor book of the old Mint is shown in the new book “Krugerrand Golden Jubilee”. The few visitors at the visitors indicate that the potential of the coin was probably not realized at the time. In the years following that, many Mints adopted the 1 ounce (and the later fractional) formula.

It is now fifty years later and it is somewhat ironic that the specific anniversary day will be very low key again. As far as I know no official functions are planned for South Africa. It is nevertheless such an important anniversary that it is worthwhile to lift a glass on Monday on this Golden Jubilee of the coin.  Happy birthday Krugerrand!

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