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Guest MacMuffin

Should drop-shipping feature persist between new searches?

Should Item location filter (drop-shippers) persist?  

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  1. 1. Should the Item Location reset for new searches?

    • Once I select my Item Location, I will never change it. Having to click it after each search is one click too many
    • I prefer that my selected Item Location resets with each new search or browsing a category

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Guest MacMuffin

Can we please have some user-feedback to the above. Based on the original requirement from users we had the impression that the Item Location Filter should be "sticky/persist" - i.e. selecting "South Africa" would exclude International products and would always show local products without having to tick the filter every time you browse/search through a category.

Currently, once South Africa is selected as Item Location, all searches will only show products located within South Africa and exclude International/drop-shipped products. The selection does not reset between searches and only clicking on "clear" will remove the "stickiness" of this filter.


There seems to be sentiment that persisting the Item Location selection is confusing for some and before we remove the stickiness of the filter (i.e. it resets each time you do a new search) we would like to have some feedback/opinion on this.

Please vote above and post comments in this topic for any other suggestions.

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I am very wary of sellers who state the item is "Outside South Africa".  Past experience shows that this means a very long delivery period, ranging from 6 weeks to never.  After waiting a year for something which appears to be stuck in Jhb, would this not be considered an aborted sale?  Am still receiving reminders to rate the seller

On mentioning this, I am asked for the sale details, which I supply, but hear no more about it

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