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Problem with Listings Items on BidorBuy

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When one list an item on BidorBuy (auction), you must supply figures in the following columns -

Start Price, (Say I start with R1)

Bid Increment, (Say I say R10) 

Buy now Price (I do not use this column)

Quantity etc (Say I say 1)

I have a BIG PROBLEM with where the "Buy Now Price" column is situated.

It has now happened twice to me where I wishes to place a figure of say R10 in the Bid Increment column but then mistakenly put it in the Buy Now Price column because the two columns as so near to each other - accidents happens!

When I realize my mistake, it is to late and the item is sold for R10!

BidorBuy PLEASE put the "Buy Now Price" column as far away from the other columns as possible.



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