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Free Soul Styles

Hi everyone,

I hope someone here can help as i am clueless about gems.

My father passed away 2 months ago and left us some gems. There are some certified by Hillcrest Precious Jewels and others that have no certification, but i know they are genuine as well. I want to sell them because i have no need for them. I see how you gem sellers get bad ratings when a person buys a gem and takes it to their own jeweler and then blames you for the gem being less value etc. One person said that Hillcrest was not a good choice because they overvalue items. How do i go about doing this? Is there some place in Jhb where i can go to get them certified by gemologists or whoever is top choice? Any help would be appreciated. 




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If the user Lukeness is still available, he should be able to answer you. I would recommend finding a site that does evaluation based on the characteristics of the stone. Not the value, but gem name, colour, size, clarity etc. This should give you an approximate idea of their value. Some sites still overestimate, but unless you take them to a place that specializes in valuations, that's the best route most likely.

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