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Superb news regarding the Griqua & Strachan & Co debate

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Pierre_Henri    13
Posted (edited)

I see that someone (wink-wink) has responded to the Griqua debate on another coin forum regarding Ann Stewart’s research …


He states


That is the difference between my 30 years of research on the people and Stuart's very focused research on just the tokens. I have a very clear understanding of the environment at Griquatown at that time - where Stuart had no understanding of this.

He then says …


“The publisher of the catalogue advised me a couple of weeks ago by email that although he recognises the Griquatown tokens were a complete failure he would be speculating that a few might have circulated. I have no understanding of the outside forces that might have forced this concession by him but speculation is not fact. As a direct result of this speculation I have withdrawn my support of his coin catalogue.


I think most of South Africa’s numismatic fraternity broke into jubilation when hearing this news – now we all, at last, can support Morgan-the-Brave’s publications.


What a great day indeed for South African Numismatics …

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