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Stolen goods being sold on BoB

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I purchased a computer on Bid or Buy for around R5k and received the goods today. The seller offered shipping and insurance at an extra 3% which I paid. The item arrived with a broken screen and had obviously been stepped on.

I contacted the seller who offered to replace the screen. I'm obviously skeptical since the rest of the machine could be damaged - motherboard, etc. Even if it doesn't show signs of damage today, they could appear in future so I told him I'd contact the courier. I phoned Aramex and discovered that there was in fact no insurance on the parcel. He still sent the item using Pick n Pay's Aramex drop box system which offers no insurance *BEWARE*.

Since then I managed to fire the PC up and connect an external monitor to inspect the system and found that the previous owner had not removed their stuff. I then got suspicious and found a document with contact details - the previous owner's CV - and decided to reach out to them to see if they had sold it to the BoB seller. It turns out it was stolen a few weeks ago.

I have now asked them for the police case number and will obviously hand it over to my local police station.

In the mean time I contacted the seller and they were concerned and didn't want me to go to Bid or Buy about it since they would lose their account. They promised to refund me on Monday or Tuesday. Now call me skeptical but I'd say that's no more than a delay tactic to give them time to disappear. Regardless, the item is going to the cops and I will likely have to take the financial knock on this one unless I'm mistaken.

I don't anticipate getting my money back from this seller.


The one beef I have with Bid or Buy, however, is the misleading buyer protection information page - the header looks like the attached image....

It says we're covered 100% - but 100% of what exactly? Don't you think that's a little misleading?

From where I stand, I'm protected up to R1000 on an unverified seller (more than half of the sellers are unverified if I'm not mistaken)...


The question is - what incentive do I now have to report this whole affair to Bid or Buy? I'm certainly going to the SAP about it, but do I wait to see if the seller actually refunds me and risk him doing a runner in the mean time? Or do I contact Bid or Buy about it and potentially have his account shut down? He says he purchased the computer on OLX or gumtree and doesn't have the sellers details.


And I notice sellers don't have to declare any contact details other than phone number / email. What exactly do I go to the police with - they're going to want to interview him no doubt.


Advice from BoB staff?

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