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Seller double sell products

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[h=1]On 6/12/2016 I won this auction for craved wooden charm tiles . The seller was Bravolima . On 7/12/2016 I paid for this auction.

During the 8/12 and 9/12 I have been 4 times in contact with the seller to pick up the product .

Nothing beside directions was said to me during this time .

When I came to pick up the product I was informed by the seller that she is at work and her son will give it to me. When I came a child about 12 years old came out with 100 rands advising me that his mommy doubled sold the product . I took the money because this is the first thing you do .You cut your losses . But this is not going to end here since this whole thing misses the whole point of an auction .

If you’ll look at the seller record you’ll see that this is not the first time not even the fifth time that this seller is using the same method .

What you system is for. ) From my experience Bid or buy try to swipe under the carpet cases of big sellers it is interesting to see how Bid or Buy will handle this case .[/h]

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