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Fashion Police

BoB allowing abuse of ratings towards sellers

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Fashion Police

I have experienced the one-sided'ness' of BoB this weekend, and would like to ask their customer support:

How do you allow buyers to rate sellers unfairly & dishonestly, but in cases where the buyer received HONEST negative feedback from a seller, it is removed with no questions asked?


Unfortunately I had the misfortune of dealing with a very unreasonable and clearly uneducated individual, who has no interest in reasoning and make threats before allowing an issue to be resolved amicably.

The buyer's order was responded to promptly and delivery received promptly, as all of my other satisfied customers. The correct item was delivered, yet the customer is clearly oblivious to international sizing and the brand, and without getting facts accused me of sending a wrong size (and threatening me with "a very bad rating"). The correct size in fact was sent, as per the 150-odd pairs I sold and as per manufacturer's size guide. A return for refund was offered, however the customer did not and has still not responded and kept the footwear? Rather odd in my opinion. He was actually more set on giving someone an unjust negative rating, than returning the footwear which in that case I assume probably fit. Why else would he keep them? Again, very odd. But not something BidorBuy bothered looking into.


The customer firstly threatened me, did not respond to my offer for a refund and caused me unnecessary distress with no interest in a solution. The fact that the buyer paid promptly does not make him worthy of positive feedback. He is clearly a very dishonest and unreasonable individual, and due to my distressing experience is fully worthy of negative feedback from me as a seller. I cannot help a buyer who does not want to be helped - so on what grounds is this buyer's lie of a rating to me justified and allowed?


BoB's customer service denies unjust ratings to be removed from sellers, but without question removes ratings from buyers. So basically BoB is saying: once a buyer makes prompt payment they are not worthy of any other but positive feedback? So buyers can abuse sellers, the sellers livelihood, abuse products and services but as long as they made prompt payment they only deserve positive feedback? Please explain to me, how does this work?

I'm sorry, but I thought feedback is given based on experience from both sides? How did BidorBuy become this?


I'm highly disgusted and disappointed in BoB's morals concerning this, and feel you need to sit back and re-evaluate the fairness of this.


Buyer: Rzeelie7


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I am hoping to get a response since my emails are being either fobbed off with dismissive responses or no response at all. I have a problem with a buyer that insists on returning an item claiming it was not as advertised. Secondhand, used. BUT no scratches on screen or back. Bid or Buy is being very unhelpful. Had a look at the buyers profile, quite a number of ratings similar to mine on other sellers. Co-incidence? Can someone direct me a higher level of management in this matter. .Ps. buyer returned after both BoB and Consumer Protection Act limits. I returned the item and BoB instructed the buyer to send it back to me again. Dismissing the documented proof that the phone is in excellent condition as advertised.Negative rating and defamation of character. BoB refuses to remove or alter the rating.

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Fashion Police


I remember hearing from a good source that BoB was very happy with you as a seller I cant remember if it was an article I read on a airplane about your excellent product, concept and service but I digress...

I have also been victimized in this exact way so many times. (over the last few years) and recently too. First a little history:


I joined Bid or Buy in 2009 and worked extremely hard to an all time high of being Invited to a "Top Sellers" awards in 2011/2012. In those days Bid or Buy managed to resolve matters fairly and very well. But that has all changed now, those people have left Bid or Buy. For about the last 2-3 years I have had some Jaw dropping final decisions come from appealing to Bid or Buy when a buyer rates negatively.


Here is one that happened just a few days ago...


A buyer ordered an electronic product (Nanny/Spy camera Clock) around August of 2016 and leaves a rating on 14th Nov 2016 (Yes, 3 months later) "USELESS MACHINE"


I proceed to email the buyer trying to assist with the product and do not get and replies to a few emails sent. I sent SMS for the buyer to check my emails to resolve for him/her. Also zero response.


Eventually I wrote to BOB to request some assistance and the buyer responds to Bid or Buy that he/she will return the product in January after the holidays so, I wait. I reply to Bob on the support ticket I created and the buyer reacts and sends the product back. All of my emails were not replied to asking the buyer if she had installed the driver to her computer and more but, simply was given a tracking number for the return.


I collected the return at set about testing the product (The lid of the clock was broken off which Bid or Buy requested a pic of and of course the buyer said "it was not returned like that" and in the same sentence: ''thats how it is supposed to be''

I test the device and low and behold IT WORKS !! There was even video on the SD card that the buyer returned with the Nanny Clock !


Now here I am sitting with an unfair negative rating from a buyer who never bothered to take any assistance via email to help her understand how to use the product, and so I wrote back on the support ticket requesting removal of the rating and that I would send it back to the buyer but Bid or Buy instead ordered me to refund the buyer !! and that the rating would remain!


I replied that because the product was 1) Physically Broken and 2) 100% Working I would not refund them for this. I was met with opposition from both Bid or Buy and the buyer and so then I said that actually I am no longer prepared to pay the cost of this and that the buyer should pay postage to me in order for me to post the working product back to her which, of course she met with negativity.


Why do Bid or Buy allow the buyers rating to remain on my profile??


In many previous disputes BOB have actually REMOVED the negative rating I give the buyer in similar instances and tell me: "The rating you gave to the buyer was removed because the buyer paid for the item as soon as they ordered" Really? Seriously Bid or Buy ? We are supposed to rate buyers positive if they pay ???


Buyers are supposed to pay regardless if they place an order!!! (If they read what they are legally binding themselves to at checkout)



It is this type of absolute unfairness towards hard working, reliable sellers (Check my ratings) that makes many of us dislike Bid or Buy for what it does to honest sellers !

The negative rating I give to this buyer should remain as the buyer was not interested in actually replying to my support emails and also cannot accept that the product is working and that she is the one who could not follow instructions.


I will end with exact same sentiment as Fashion Police: ''I'm highly disgusted and disappointed in BoB's morals concerning this, and feel you need to sit back and re-evaluate the fairness of this''



Sellers feel free to share your honest thoughts! This is our livelihoods people are messing with !


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Screwed if you do screwed if you don't, there needs to be a little bit more flexibility in terms of their grasp of reality, paying in time isn't a license for the buyer to do whatever they please.

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