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Conditions for re-listing an item

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I am looking for clarity on the following hypothetical situation.


- An auction states payment must be received within 48 hours, otherwise item will be re-listed.


Suppose after 48 hours, payment has still not been received. Is a seller permitted to re-list without filing an SNC,

or are there conditions that need to be met before a seller can go ahead?


On the one hand, the buyer agreed to the terms of auction by bidding, but on the other hand seller could be accused of acting unfairly.


Would like to hear your view points. Thanks



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Hi troymanq,


These are the sellers terms and as you rightly said, the buyer agreed to them. The sellers terms were not met so he has the full legal right not to sell the item to the bidder if payment was not made in the mentioned time frame. The seller can re-list the item immediately after the 48 hours lapsed, but can only file the SNC after 7 days has passed.


As long as the sellers terms are in line with the bidorbuy terms and the CPA, there would be no unfairness.


Kind regards


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