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Unfair rating by new buyer. Experienced BoBers please help

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I am a new seller myself and have strive to get a 100% positive rating.


Now I get this:


The buyers rating on the purchase of 1 of 17 variants of spices: Price is too high for one packet. Advertising for 17 meals???


The title line of my listing says: [h=1]NICE 'N SPICY-COMPLETE SPICES FOR 17 EASY-TO-PREPARE RECIPES-CHOOSE ONE[/h] In the body of the description: All the spices you need for a single cooking of 4 or more servings


In red bold further down the listing description: The price is for 1 of the variants. Let us know which you would prefer.


I called the buyer to get his preference as he did not make a specification. He said "Masala Curry".


I went through my listing again to make sure I have not been ambiguous.


What do you suppose he did not understand. Must I now plead for a better rating. How does this work?




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