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Tracking details in Ratings

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As a seller or a business owner time is valuable and most people look to streamline processes. However some time gains could lead to other unforeseen complications.


For example we have picked up that some sellers tend to send buyers the tracking details for parcels as part of the rating. This seems like a good idea but in some instances sellers could compromise their own and the buyers personal details. This is dependant on the information that the courier company releases when you track and trace parcels but an outsider could obtain the following information in certain cases.


* What your customer bought

* What you are selling

* When the item will be arriving at your customer

* And even you and your customers personal information such as addresses and telephone numbers.


In our view this is one practice that users should refrain from with immediate effect. We will also engage with the courier companies and bring this to their attention and to see if they can help sure up this issue from their side as well.


Your and your customers personal information is very valuable and it should always be handled with care and sensitivity as it could have far reaching consequences.





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