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not sell but negative allowed and defination of character

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we have someone stone on auction for ring make. wacky Wednesday auction. I buy stone and certificate. I test stone and it diamond. weighs right as per certificate. I list item Tuesday to end Wednesday night.

me feeling must take stone jeweller and I take it Wednesday morning. the jeweller say no cannot be right certificate for diamond there is no inscription on girdle. I panick it listed auction.

get home I delete each bid which take forever there are more than 10 bids

get to last one and delete. relieved now because item that not as decribed will not sell now and cause trouble for everybody


the sytem accet a R1 bid from guy. and its concluded r1

where u buy diamond r1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I phone buyer immediately to say. but he not answer so I send many message not to pay its a mistake

he pay! R1


I keep asking for refund detail. he never send. 3 week later I ask again he say he want the fake item???


I say im going to ask bidbuy to reverse the payment. I ask them lots they ignore me. because I say reverse payment the

GUY rate negative say we biggest scamsters on bidbuy


he 61 ratings. we 2400 + ratings


I tell bidbuy this not right. he defy character we tried to tell him many time


bidbuy say he is right. why ??? systems fault it not easy to delete wrong item and then system accept the r1

Buyers are allowed to make mitske not seller.

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I am hoping to get a response since my emails are being either fobbed off with dismissive responses or no response at all. I have a problem with a buyer that insists on returning an item claiming it was not as advertised. Secondhand, used. BUT no scratches on screen or back. Bid or Buy is being very unhelpful. Had a look at the buyers profile, quite a number of ratings similar to mine on other sellers. Co-incidence? Can someone direct me a higher level of management in this matter. .Ps. buyer returned after both BoB and Consumer Protection Act limits. I returned the item and BoB instructed the buyer to send it back to me again. Dismissing the documented proof that the phone is in excellent condition as advertised.Negative rating and defamation of character. BoB refuses to remove or alter the rating!!!

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