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Bidbuy no trust and no pay monie

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I am going to go public with this now.


Rudi schutte is keeping my monie unlawfully.


Selling account is 5.5 years old with 96% good ratings. we admit we make mistakes but we never claim to be perfect and when client have problem we sort it immediately. if item is not found to be as described, we offer full refund and effect immediate. we not experts, just small sell account


rudi keeping over R10 000 of our monie since 2 weeks. he claim once items delivered he pay out. didn't happen like that then he say no he must get feedback from buyer which he not do.


because I demand our monie. he say we sell high risk item that why. since when we sell items from 5 years now high risk? then he say he close our account because we listed item then delete it coz we find it not as described so actually we protecting the site and us from not concluding unlawful sale.


we had 2 issue with client who not 100% happy, we say ok no problem we offer full refund. not good enough for mr rudi


other seller tell me he done same thing to them. somebody accuse us of being BLACKKNIGHT which seller frauded people I see.

MY BUSINESS PARTNER WARN BIDBUY ABOUT BLACKKNIGHT IN 2015 MANY TIME BUT IGNORE THE WARNING. they even delete warning to other buyer about the balckknight


why after 5.5 years we treating like fraudsters now? bidbuy allowing someone to call us scamsters because we delete the wrong item not to make trouble.


explain me and pay out my monie







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Hi Nqwili,


I read your post and I think it is important that we clear up some matters.


Firstly in a transaction the money that a buyer pays becomes the property of the seller once the seller has delivered items that are as described in the listing. Secondly it is the duty of a seller to make sure that the items that they sell are checked and are accurately described.


So with the above in mind we sit with situations where you have removed trades in the middle of the auction claiming that the items are not as described in the listing and that there are problems with the certification of the stone.


Then we get a number of reports that you have supplied stones that are not as described which you have confirmed and you ask us to refund your customers. Since then we are getting more reports that your customers are not happy with the quality of items supplied and that the items do not correspond with the description.


The above raises serious concerns. Further we need to know how many of your other customers are affected and we also have a duty to protect all users of the marketplace. We have taken the decision to suspend your account to not expose more users to this situation. Once this is all resolved and depending on what we find we will take a decision on whether or not your selling privileges will be reinstated or not.


I hope that this provides more clarity on the matter for all involved.




Johan du Toit

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helo Johan


I do not agree with the above, where you say now many client now say (number of reports) not as describe. it was only 2. rudi phone one client and tell him his purchase diamonds may be poor quality to take to jeweller. he did so and because he get smart by what rudi say he now say diamond scratch but he want to keep and want a discount does that make sense?. can u see the problem that creates.

the 2 customers that get refund, was delayed in refund because bob pay their money very late. not me we rectify quickly.


yes there was problem with certification, it was the stone not match the certificate which only a specialist can tell with 30x micro.


I must correct another thing, our 98% + ratings over 5.5 years must count for something. mainly we sell moissanite by C&C which we authorise to do so.


we thought of washng our hands off sellin . but why because not in the wrong. of the many many item we have sold, no serious issues. 5.5years of trial and error and we will never sell something we know for sure is wrong.


we have delivered all paid items, within 2/3 days, many customer also take the time to rate +, nothing else.


I wait for the feedback to not suspend account. should you feel again we pose such a big threat, which I think relates to the account blackknight, we accept.

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