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Computers & Networking Restructuring

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Hi all you BoBs


As you may have noticed there are some changes in Computers and Networking. These changes allow for better filtering options and to enhance listings on bidorbuy.


The main changes are as follows:



The whole Apple Category has been removed to better group products together and to improve filtering

- MacBooks can now be found under laptops in Apple Laptops.

- Mac Pro, Mac Mini and iMac can be found under Desktop Computers & All in ones in Apple Desktops

- Accessories and manuals have been moved to appropriate category in Desktop and Laptop Accessories


Laptops & Notebooks

Laptops & Notebooks now has 2 sub categories. Apple Laptops and PC Laptops & Notebooks

Apple Laptops you can now be filtered by Screen Size, Model, Hard Drive Capacity, Ram and processing speed.


Desktop Computers & All-In-Ones

Desktop computers has been revamp to allow you to search for desktops with or without monitors as well as all-in-ones.


Printers, scanners & Accessories

Printers and scanners have been moved under one category (Printer, Scanners & Accessories)

There is now a 3D printer filter options and much more



These changes should make navigation better and improve overall experience.


If you notice any problems or have any suggestions for future changes, feel free to post on the forum.


Please note:

This may affect users who make use of Bulkload CSV files for listing their items as category IDs may have changed.

Please refer to the category list at the link below for more information.

Also tradefeeds may see a drop in listing count due to the changes




If you have any queries about this, please feel free to reply to this message or email hello@bidorbuy.co.za.

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