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Being told that item is not as described - Please share your input

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*******SELLERS, PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ****I was contacted this morning by a Bid or Buy employee to inform us that they have a complaint from our buyer: the picture on this listing is not of the item itself or even from South Africa as the Phone shows degrees in Fahrenheit and that the phones location is Long Island and that the image is from 2013 therefore the item received by the customer differs from the one in the advert ! :



Is it me or is this extremely weird ? We have supplied the buyer in question with a Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 LTE 16GB device. I asked the BOB representative what if I have 10 of these phones for sale, must I take a picture of each and every box and upload that to the listing? He said ''YES!!" (So we may not search the web for a picture of the exact device? - No)


The problem here is that the buyer received the phone and described it as being cracked- Of course I panicked and asked her if the package looked damaged in any way and if she believes that the courier could have damaged it but the only reply I received was with photos attached of a damaged back cover. I replied to the customer that the item is brand new and I don't see how this was damaged before it left us or before it arrived by the buyer.

I told the buyer that it is highly debatable whether or not she had dropped it after receiving it !- No reply to that email either??


I have ordered a new back cover in order to resolve the issue but I have no words in response to Bid or Buy saying that the item is not as described because the image on the advert shows the location to be Long Island and the temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit ! ? ? :shock:


Samsung manufactured millions of these phones, and they should all look identical , right?


No sellers- If you have 100 x S4 phones to sell you must take a photo of each and every one !






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