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No Pics mean "Buy Now"

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It's a bug on your web site and I did log it with you guys but maybe you only respond to complaints if it can be read in public.

You recently made some changes on your site, and that's fine, but if you a user like me who always keep pics off coz I use my phone to surf the net and don't want to keep paying an arm & a leg for it, then all the items on bid have the words "Buy" instead of "Bid". Please change it so I don't have to keep turning on and taking off the pics to see what is a buy now, and what is a bid item.



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Dear Client


You reported this on the 1st, Samantha Naidoo responded the following day, see email response below sent to your email address, this will be forwarded to our developers to investigate:



To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From: "Samantha Naidoo, bidorbuy Customer Support"

Subject: Re: [#JAG-85366-366] Hello mail: CommentFeedback -Text

description fault

Date: Fri, 02 Oct 2009 11:39:12 +0200



Dear Client


Thank you for your feedback. Will advise the developers to have a look to see if there is a problem.


Kind regards




E - hello@bidorbuy.co.za

T - 0861 88 0861

W - www.bidorbuy.co.za


bidorbuy - Africa's Largest Online Marketplace

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