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Zasstron seller

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I thought it a good lesson to learn. I found Zasstron seller on bidorbuy.co.za. They had some items that interested me. It so happened that while looking for those items on the net I came across their web site. The price was the same so felt what was the difference?? Too late I realise that when you buy from bidorbuy.co.za you have a third party to help with complaints. They sold me an item that looked used and wasn't compatible with my device. I returned it and they refused to refund me. I complained but all they sent back was a message saying "refusal" was final. Now I'm trying alternative ways to get a refund. I might mention I returned it 1 business days later. But still no go.


Guess it's a lesson learnt. At least bidorbuy.co.za can be used as a third party to make a final decision rather than the seller.

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