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Attempted alteration of a Single Shaft to a Double Shaft 1892 Five Shilling

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Hi Guys,


Something of interest to show you.


On submitting coins to NGC recently for other people, I photographed for customs what I thought was an XF quality Single Shaft 1892 5 Shilling.


NGC contacted me after receipt through customer services to let me know that the last mentioned coin had 'tooling ' of the shaft. I was initially upset and thought they had made a mistake. Other graders had a look and they were adamant that the coin would not go into a slab.


On receipt of the coin I had to agree with them...there had been an attempt to fashion a second shaft from the silver just below the one and only shaft.


Be careful if you are offered such a coin. Use a loupe to check the shaft. The ox wagon wheels are also smaller in the front whereas in the Double Shaft they are of equal size as most of you know. I have inserted a normal single shaft pic (AU55) just below to show the untooled version.



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