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Miss Jewels

Reported for "multi listings"

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Miss Jewels

So....I get home today after obtaining my certificate in Pratical Diamond Grading, very exicted and proud, then I get this email from community watch:

...."Please consider this a warning for multi listing. Please kindly ensure you adhere to the bidorbuy listing policy in future to avoid further action against your account. According to our listing policy, each product may be listed twice, once as a buy now and once as an auction. If you have large quantities of the item please make use of the quantity field instead of listing the item multiple times. Please rectify the listings at your earliest convenience to prevent your listings being closed or deleted"


Now this is for Buy Now, not auctions! Even worse!


So...what's multiple listings?

It is when 1 product is advertised numerous times to entice buyers


What do I have?

6 differenct size rings in the same style, but the larger the ring, the more it weighs...so...not identical. And when it's gold, the larger the size, the more gold, the more expensive. Actually quite easy when the seller knows what he's selling, but the platform we advertise on does not!

I was also advised to use the drop box when I have the same style earring but in a different carat weight. So 1 earring is 0.50ct, the other is 1.50 ct. Multi listing? I think not!



1 Ring. 6 Sizes. One buy now.

The client takes 7 days to make payment. The he forgets to list the size. 2 - 3 days later, after numerous reminders, we get the size.

It is now 10 days from date of sale. Now only we can relist the other sizes.

This means a loss of income of a week whereby I could have sold 5 rings in different sizes.


Really? Who is missing the point?


This is going to come into effect for all sellers on BoB. I think we need to help the "powers that be" to understand listings from our point of view.


Feedback from other sellers advertising "multi listings" will be appreciated.





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Hi Cheryl

I think the customer support agent might not have understood the way you list and the fact that each listing is technically different. Please do not stress about this, we will handle it internally. Sorry for running up your blood pressure unnecessarily. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.


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