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The National Numismatic Society of South Africa: Johannesburg Meeting

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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,


I just wanted to let you all know that The National Numismatic Society of South Africa will be meeting on Saturday the 11th of July at 10:00AM.


The venue has been moved to the South African Mint - directions can be found here: https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/...1e77f87582ebe8



IMPORTANT: Please note that all driver's will need to produce their driver's license to gain entry to the South African Mint for security reasons.




Please find all of the relevant details below:




AT LAST! Notice is hereby given of a meeting of the Society to be held at the South African Mint in Centurion on SATURDAY MORNING the 11th of July 2015, at 10h00 for 10h30.


This meeting, which we hope will be the first of many at this very convenient venue, will include the following:-

  1. A presentation by the S. A. Mint on their coin offering for this year.

  1. The Society will distribute to each meeting attendee a Tickey surprise.

  1. Attending to Society formalities.

  1. Coin World will be open after the meeting

We sincerely hope that the change of venue, day of the week, and time, will prove to be much more convenient to all.


Please remember that all Drivers arriving at the Mint must have their Drivers Licence available.


Look forward to seeing you.


Kind regards,

Peter Wilson



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Hope you have a nice meeting - lets have the next one in Cape Town!


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How do you become a member of the National Numismatic Society of South Africa?

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In Hern's 2014/2015 catalogue on page E (in the first few pages), there is an advertisement of the NNS as well as the required contact details. It is also possible (and probably better) to attend one of the meetings like the one advertised above, meet the people and somebody can organize you a membership form. The meetings we had at the Mint last year was very enjoyable and interesting topics were discussed. The dinner (the one where Pierre got his award) was also special and guests could overstrike a Griqua coin replica handed out during the evening. Typically there is a guest speaker at all the functions, so it is definitely worthwhile to attend.


As a final thought, however, the success of these "volunteer" societies depends on the contributions of the members or people who want to join. The actual "paperwork" to become a member is less important than attending the functions, growing the society by inviting your numismatic friends, volunteering to give presentations, writing papers, etc. In this regard it is nice to see on the BoB forum that there is suddenly a flurry of activity of new research and publications. It is these activities that will keep the numismatic societies healthy.



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