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shed some light on this please

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I have listed one or two item below is the link,my supplier did not provide battery and charger on this item as I got a deal from hem,but I have made it optional for buyers that if they want battery and charger they must add R50 (which is my cost,i am not making anything on it )question here is am I allowed to do this in my listings ?



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Hi Kingsonline,


You raised an interesting issue here.


You are permitted to proceed with selling the battery and chargers separate to the devices, however there are a few things you should keep in mind when doing this.



Firstly, you will most like have much more success selling a complete device with a phone and a charger included on the site. As a result of this I highly recommend selling a complete device (i.e battery included)


Secondly, in the event that the wrong battery is supplied with a phone you will be liable for return shipping costs as well as the cost of shipping the correct item to the buyer.


Another important factor to consider is that your listing has the status "Refurbished" - does the same apply to the battery? or is it a new battery?


The more information you are able to present in your listing, the better. In light of this it is a good idea to let your customers know whether or not the phone is BlackBerry Approved Refurbished, or refurbished by another cellular technician.


I hope this helps, if you would like some more help please let me know.




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