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Disruptive Market Opportunity

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Hi Team


I am a big fan of BoB. I have looked at your affiliate program that you have and i think its a phenomenal idea to generate more potential customers to BoB and creates an opportunity to network more effectively. I think this idea can be even further applied by looking into doing something completely different from other online stores with similar offering to BoB. My idea is to create a disruptive market by using customer centric philosophies and offer even more value to your website with a huge social impact,


So the idea is not only sell and promote products on your website, but think about also incorporating the idea of promoting young start-up businesses who are all desperately searching for a platform to promote themselves to the greater public. If you look at the current market, there is no South African website that provides this platform with an easy graphic user interface, but the market is there for the taking. I think if BoB wants to integrate a more customer centric strategy, then think about 1. how many people are currently using your website. You have thousands of customers who visit your site every day who are loyal buyers. 2. By being promoters of young start-ups, you can provide more value in the services you already offer to your customers, so not only are you selling great things, but you are giving people the opportunity to also make use of South African entrepreneurs products and services which you can take a residual cut from for each month the company has their product range/service listed on your website. So exactly what you are doing with your affiliate program but just the other way around, as you are the powerhouse. Customers will more easily find services through your website, than the other way around.


This has not been done on other platforms and online shops, which is a great opportunity to become differentiated in a much needed disruptive market. All other similar sites are just selling more of the same. This option provides increased value of BoB as a company to its customers, and also it promotes local job opportunities as well. This would be a win-win situation to all involved.


I think it is something that can make you stand out from the pack and be pioneers something new and innovative. The impact this has on the social economy is also positively affected.

Would you please consider this option and inform me of any feedback regarding this.



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