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Hello Silindile Metuque


The supplier Keith from Smart Cell Fix has never sent the item I ordered to me. When I enquired with Keith, I realised I purchase the wrong item. I explain this to Keith and he said he understands and would refund me the money I paid via EFT into his bank account on the 23rs of March 2015...


He keeps promising to refund my money he owes to me, but to date, never has. He told my wife yesterday that he had did the refund on Friday 15th of May 2015 – this was a lie. Yesterday he sent an email to me requesting my bank details – I sent this to him for a second time...


It has now been 3 months from the date of order...


I think you should delist this supplier. As per Bid or Buy rules, there is a protection clause whereby Bid or Buy says they will refund monies owed if something goes wrong.

Are Bid or Buy prepared to stand by this promise as Keith from Smart Cell Fix is clearly not prepared too..?

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Hi Markviiv,


I noticed you sent in 3 buyer protection claims and one ticket to Security today, all regarding this issue.


I am closing TICKET ID ZBU-733-84593 & TICKET ID BTE-518-62624 and TICKET ID BDF-158-72411 as they are all duplicate tickets. TICKET ID JUE-107-76616 for your claim is open and they already started on this one at 14h07 today. Please do not send in anymore tickets on this as it is duplicating the same issue and keeping 3 other consultants from attending to someone else and might lead to confusion.


You will be contacted via the open claim ticket as soon as there is feedback to give to you. Thank you for your patience and understanding in ths regard.



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