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Packing, Shipping, Notifying,Tracking - for large BoB volumes

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I would like to know how the "high volume" BoB sellers handle the process of packing & delivery:


1) Get Order details out of BoB, in order to get a "packing list" & Delivery details

2) Prepare parcel contents

3) Attached preprinted Waybill or hand write Waybill from BoB screen?

4) Hand over to courier / post office - either get tracking info & receipt at that point, or use pre-allocated Waybills but somehow get the BoB delivey information onto that document (hand write)? Even with pre-allocated & pre-printed Waybills, would still need 1) to get a form of Receipt (ususally a signed copy of Waybill), 2) link it up to BoB Order


How do you keep track of it all, for in case there are queries? Would need to match Tracking number to Order number at the very least. Lots of stapled Paperwork to keep, or on a System somewhere?


In an ideal world I imagine it like this:


1) For each Order, BoB can extract information that you can print on A4 per Order (or smaller, if you have a guillotine). On this printout must be:

a) Packing list + any options & commments from the buyer - everyhing that is relevant to prepare the package

b) must form a Waybill containing the Address Details as well as WB number (for this you would need an agreement with a courier that can pre-allocate numbers to BoB, or allocate them as BoB asks for them, one by one)

c) The WB number must automatically be stored back onto the BoB Order details, and communicated to the Courier's System as well.

2) Notify the Courier to come pick up.

3) Sign-in / Receipt of hand over still a manual process (can't think how to get around that)

4) Courier already has WayBill details on his System as well (put there by BoB), can just scan and do what they normally do with parcels in flow.


I did not even mention notifying the Buyer of the Waybill, and the fact that the parcel was sent.

I would really like to understand how you "automate" this complex process when you have many sales...



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