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Advice needed

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Advise please.


I have won an auction LATE ENTRY !!!! LG G3 on the 22/04/2015:

Product is in immaculate condition. A screen protector was applied from the first day.


Prduct is boxed & sold with all accesories plus 2 extra phone covers


I made the payment the very same evening, as I need the phone asap. The seller then said he would ship it the very next day. I then asked him if he could use a shipping method that is not regular post, because of the urgency.


Two days went by and I did not receive any info from the seller. I emailed and phoned him everyday until the 27/04/15. He then eventually replied saying that he was in hospital and that is why he didnt reply. He eventually sent me the tracking number, which was initially incorrect. The next day he sent a picture of the waybill, with the correct number.


I went to collect the package on 02/05/15 and once I opened the envelope, the mobile phone and the box was not included, I only received a generic charger, blackberry USB cable and a cover.


Can someone give me advise on how to go about this?

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