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I'm being harassed!

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Little Miss Muffet

lol !!


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Cali Craft and Gems

LOL - Something like that! :toung:

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Just Beachin
You're not the only one - try reading the below email I received from a buyer a short while ago - please excuse her language - she is not a lady!

(long story short - she placed two orders, paid for one, has given me the run around on the other, and then appealed the SNC's saying she has paid. I emailed her screenshots highlighting the paid and unpaid orders, plus my message to her of the total due via the bob system. Every week she'd email me asking for a total, and every time I'd reply with the total to no avail. She has also changed her positive ratings to negatives stating that our items are cheap crap that breaks. BoB "cannot" help as her messages to me do not show on the BoB system!)




Since the attachment is so small, herewith below the content of her email:


You just ******* outright rude! Read what you wrote on the images. You can take your earings and shove them up your fat ass. I have been a loyal customer and spent thousands of rands with you, you lousy, miserable abusive individual. So I got a bit confused. So what - you couldnt just write ANOTHER email to me and explain where I went wrong? Who died and make you queen. Havent you heard of the word being NICE??? And this is the way you think you can speak to me and you think you can verbally abuse me. **** you and **** your crap cheap earings. There are tons of people selling the same cheap **** you sell out of India. I supported you. I hope you get run over by a car! "Oh for crying out loud JANET" or whoever the **** you are! Dipshit fuckwit. Dont even bother replying you egghead. I am putting you straight into deleted items where you will remain. *******!




Shame Janet, this woman has clearly run out of her meds, a rational person would know that this kind of talk always come back to bite you on the **** (Butt). btw dipsh## F***wit needs more asterisks:suspicious:

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