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Cash in the Attic

First and Final Notification: Deleting bids with no valid reason

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Cash in the Attic

Advise Needed :


Good afternoon fellow Bobsters.


I had a few listings on the Crazy Wednesday yesterday, I state in my listings that users with less than 10 Ratings/Transactions are not allowed to bid on my items. I have had to many bad experiences in the past where New Users Bid and never pay. Yes one can file an SNC for com purposes BUT you don’t get your enhanced listing fees back ( Home Page, Priority ect ) Meaning that you are out of pocket although the sale was not completed )


Last night I had a new user bidding on my items, so I deleted the bids ( he kept on bidding )


A few Minutes ago I received this email from Andries at Community Watch ( See below ) – First and Final Warning for Deleting Bids without a valid reason ( not once was I contacted to ask why the bids were deleted )


“Dear Samantha,

Please take note, it is a contravention of the bidorbuy terms to delete bids, unless there is a valid and legitimate reason. Bid deletion without a valid reason is not allowed (this is at our discretion), please kindly refrain from this practise. Thank you.Bidorbuy id:177135372 Ticket id: CTD-351-39136.”

All comments/advise will be appreciated.



Ben and Sam

Cash in the Attic

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Miss Jewels

Deleting bids for no reason is illegal yes, and I know the frustration of non paying bidders, however:

If you had an auction, and it closed with no bidders, you would still be liable for the enhanced listing fees. Filing an SNC for non payment and losing your enhancements fees is the same thing. It's your adverising costs and cannot be recouped from anyone.

As to newbies : we can't just delete them, as a few of my highly valued returning clients all started out as newbies.

If there is a pattern of a newbie bidding and not paying, BoB will block their account. If not, we need to give them a chance to start somewhere.

Take a deep breath..... a newbie just might become your biggest supporter one day.


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Hi Cash in the Attic,


Unfortunately due to the high volume of tickets and other tasks that need to be done, it is impossible to first contact users when a query/complaint is received. The query/complaint is read, and if no more info is required from the reporter when looking at the incident, the appropriate action is taken as set out by Management, as in this case.


It is unfortunately against the Consumer Protection Act to discriminate against bidders, unless as per our terms for deleting a bid as they are not unfair as required by the Act.


Can I Delete or Cancel a Bid On My Items?


You can delete a bid only under the following conditions:


The bid price is unrealistically high compared to the previous bid.

The bid price is above the recommended retail price of the item.

The Buyer has placed bids on multiple similar items.

The Buyer has asked for the bid to be deleted.

The Buyer has not fulfilled any of your previous auctions.

The Buyer has received negative feedback previously from another Seller for non-fulfillment.

The Seller has dealt with the Buyer before and Buyer has not fulfilled the previous transaction.

The seller has made an error on the listing and needs to correct it.

The Bidder has requested bid to be deleted as per the Consumer Protection Act.


Can I Delete or Cancel a Bid On My Items? - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software


The CPA:




Part A

Right of equality in consumer market

Protection against discriminatory marketing

8. (1) Subject to section 9, a supplier of goods or services must not unfairly—

(a) exclude any person or category of persons from accessing any goods or

services offered by the supplier;

(b) grant any person or category of persons exclusive access to any goods or

services offered by the supplier;

© assign priority of supply of any goods or services offered by the supplier to

any person or category of persons;

(d) supply a different quality of goods or services to any person or category of


(e) charge different prices for any goods or services to any persons or category of


(f) target particular communities, districts, populations or market segments for

exclusive, priority or preferential supply of any goods or services; or

(g) exclude a particular community, district, population or market segment from

the supply of any goods or services offered by the supplier,

on the basis of one or more grounds of unfair discrimination contemplated in section 9

of the Constitution or Chapter 2 of the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair

Discrimination Act.


Kind regards


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