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Miss Jewels

Error 503

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Miss Jewels

We have been having a few issue with the site the last few days whereby it is "hanging". I also had error 503 today. I currently use Internet Explorer as this works better for me.

At the same time, Carla is using Google Chrome and is having issues resizing images when loading auctions.

I called in today and was told by Arabu (?) that I must rather use Chrome as this is what BoB supports. She said there is currently no problems she is aware of.

I then spoke to Lorraine who said they also experience error 503. I enquired as to what it was but she could not help me. She said if it was any important problem, it would be addressed on the forum.

Carla then spoke to her about the resizing issue but she was a bit lost between the thumbnail and the images in the auction. She asked where we upload from.

Carla's current message is "the site has become unresponsive"

We cannot speak to anyone in the IT department so am really not sure what to make of the feedback we are getting.

Can someone please assist on this

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Guest MacMuffin

Hi there,


the "503" error means that we released some enhancements and the site is in temporary maintenance (in most cases, this is hardly noticeable as we have multiple servers, but can sometimes occur). Looking at our schedule, we made changes today at: 1:49 - 1:51, 3:09 - 3:11, 8:59 - 9:01, 10:19 - 10:21 and between 16:15 - 16:22. During those times users might have experienced some slowness or possible intermittent errors.


We are aware of a current issue with one of our network elements which results in a slow-down of our site when we do deploy changes and this is something we are addressing. We also know that our upstream provider has reported some Seacom maintenance which should only affect users outside of South Africa.


It would be good if you guys could post some more info:

- What browser and version?

- What ISP and what type of internet connection?

- Time of the incident & what did you try and do?

- Any possible error message?


We have end-user reporting where we measure user response time across SA and have not picked up any unusual patterns / slow-downs across the board for the last 30 days. We did receive some isolated reports and will try and determine if this is an issue on our end or between your ISP and us.

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