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Suggestion: Rating System

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Hi Guys,

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I'm going to mention it again because I'm furious about a poor rating I just received.


Please change your rating system so that neither seller nor buyer can see each others ratings until they have BOTH been submitted. Please also make it that you cannot edit your rating after you have submitted it.


I got a Negative rating from a buyer after having rated them Neutral when they took almost 1 week to pay for a R1 auction! The reason for the negative rating? My courier company took too long! That's out of my hands, its FedEx!


Anyway, shortly after, I changed my Neutral to a Negative - and moments later I receive an email asking me to change mine to positive and he would do the same.


Whats the point in a rating system if everyone can just "hold each other hostage" for a positive rating?

If you make it that you cannot see each others ratings until both have submitted - it will allow for a far more fair rating system where most will actually rate based on how they feel - and not on how they themselves were rated. This is in line with many 'outsourcing'/'freelancing' web sites we use. Please adopt this method!




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