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So, I've managed to win an auction with a missing seller

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I suppose I eventually had to have a transaction where things went pear shaped. I won an auction last week, sent the seller an email asking what the shipping costs were. Waited two days, forwarded the email to his address again, asking again. Then I tried phoning, and left a message on his landline and his cellphone. Then I contacted BoB, who sent him an email. He managed to respond to theirs with:

Good day, i am currently out of the country and nobody is there to help. I will be back on Sunday. I have very spotty internet access and when i do have it is very slow.

I will help the buyer as i return.



There are a couple of things which annoy me about this:

Why setup auctions for when you're going to be abroad? It's not a casual seller, it's his business.

How can you demand payment in two days if you're not able to ship the item for at least ten days?

Why did he manage to reply to BoB's email, but mine just vanished into the ether?


I no longer have any trust for this seller, and do not wish to continue with the transaction - he is not in a position to fulfill my order, and if a buyer had taken this long to pay, most sellers would file an SNC.


Are buyers able to file an SNC? I can't see anywhere to do it, but could easily be looking right past it.

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Hi Colin_P,


Unfortunately you will have to ask the seller to file a snc to cancel the purchase.

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