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Seller 'New Season' gripe.

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To whom can I report this seller?


Let me explain what happened.


On auction, Fujifilm X-Pro1 (body only)

The discription is stock photos and a link to orms.co.za for specs. Nothing else.




I paid R197.65 for shipping fee. He sent it via post office regular postage which only cost him R37.20.




Open the package to find a camera body only. Now you might think there is nothing wrong but its common practise when you say 'body only' that it doesn't include a lens but everything else that is needed to use the camera. The seller literally sent only the camera body and nothing else.


I mailed him and his replies were of an arrogant nature but I ignored it asking him to atleast send me the battery charger and Ill forgot about the insane shipping fee. I doubt Ill ever be receiving a charger.


After the exchanging of emails I decided the seller was not very truthful about the sale so I proceeded to give him a negative rating and guess what, I got a negative rating from him for questioning his discription methods and overcharging of postage.


Please tell me what you, the community, think about this deal and if I was right or wrong about my rating.

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Hi Heinmcleod,


Welcome to the forums.


You can send a detailed email to hello@bidorbuy.co.za for assistance.

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