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Some Advice For Gem Sellers

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For the most part, I enjoy my gem-buying experiences on BOB. I have my favorite sellers who offer gems that I know are genuine and are, therefore, trustworthy. But, as the old Russian proverb goes: "Trust, but, verify". I trust most sellers from whom I buy, but, the addition of a verifiable entity makes the sale easier for me. That "verifiable entity" is a valid gem certification.


As a buyer, I don't mind paying extra for a GISA, GIA, AGL, GIT or other legitimate certification. That certification makes my purchase more secure. A third-party certification from a trusted entity only entices me, as a buyer, to spend more on a gem. If the cost of having that gem certified is passed on to me, the buyer, so be it. I'll have all my gems certified after buying them, in any event, so, having them certified prior to sale simply saves me a step as it increases the likelihood of buying from that seller again...and often.


I've had a few bad experiences on BOB buying gems that were not what they were advertised. In fact, some were outright synthetics all the while the seller was touting them as "genuine". That can't be good for the buyer, honest sellers or BOB, itself. Selling certified gems raises the confidence level of buyers, ergo, a seller will sell more rather than fewer gems, earning him or her more Rand. How simple is that?


I'd buy more often if more gem sellers offered more certified gems for sale. If you're a gem seller...what is there to lose? Think about that.

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