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More SAPO strikes, warn your buyers

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And here we go again. Strikes are on and while SAPO is stating that the strikes are only restricted to Pretoria and East Rand they are in fact affecting all areas. I found this out today after sending a parcel. SAPO has been keeping this quiet and they have also started banning people from commenting on their FB wall. So basically we are in the dark as to what is happening.


As I don't send a large amount of parcels every month I can't take up offers of discounts with some couriers (who require you buy a certain number of shipping labels before you get a discount). Anyone else have suggestions?


I have too many listings and changing each and every one to reflect the postal strike takes time. I did update the strike in the shipping section as that automatically updates the listings but not all buyers check the shipping.


Thinking that maybe BoB should have a note system that you can attach quickly and easily to the listings without having to go through each one?


This severely destroys sellers on BoB.

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