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Archiving of closed listings very disappointing

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I have made use of the Closed Listing history very often for a number of reasons. Sometimes items close, and one is not immediately aware of it, so one has to come back to it somewhere down the line, find it, and relist it, and alter the price, etc. Sometimes, like recently in my case, a new client turns up for a range of items that had previously been listed but not sold. I have also been in the habit of letting some items take a rest if they have been on my site to long, and then am able to come back to them at a time when I think they could be re-shown. In addition, I have been able to move items to my shop or back again to the site after a time period.

So to discover that all closed listings are now to be archived and not available after 3 months is a huge blow. Creating listings can be a time-consuming process, and the Closed Listing toolbar was such a useful thing. I'm sure I am not alone in this. In every respect I have found bidorbuy to be so user-friendly. Even a 6 or 12 month cut-off time would have been better than 3 months. I understand from a team-member that it has to do with risk management, though I am battling to understand how my closed listings could be a problem to the system.

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Funky Trends



I have been selling on Bid or Buy since 2008 and lately my feedback is definitely more negative.

Most of the changes lately have been to the detriment of the the sellers and yet it is the sellers that provide BOB with an income.

A few examples: The rating system now benefits the buyer.

Can't access previous listings - makes our work so much harder

Numerous request to decrease the 7 day snc period - ignored - incredible amount of non paying buyers allowed to continue shopping.

My pet peeve - Would it be so difficult to send an email to the sellers when changes are being made - not all of us spend hours on the forum.

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