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Proof 5Shilling collection stolen

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My proof 5 Shilling collection has been stolen from my home in Port Elizabeth. The following coins were in it:


1948 PF67 NGC

1949 PF66 NGC

1950 PF66 PCGS

1951 PF65 NGC

1952 PF65 NGC

1953 PF66 NGC - toned purple pink

1954 PF65 NGC Cameo

1955 PF66 ANACS

1956 PF67 ANACS - cameo look

1957 PF66 NGC

1958 PF66 ANACS

1959 PF65 NGC

1960 PF67 ANACS


also a 1895 2.5Shilling NGC XF40. Many of them were bought here on Bidorbuy. I will see if I can find the serial numbers. If anyone is offered such a collection please contact me. Thanks!

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My word, very sorry for the loss and I do hope the culprit is brought to justice.



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ZAR Coins

Sorry to hear about your loss, if you do come across them here on Bid or Buy don't contact Bid or Buy to remove the item, buy the item from the seller and meet up and get the police to go with you. That is how I got my 17" Macbook Pro back that was stolen and put on Bid or Buy.


Do not, I repeat, do not report it, they will remove it and you will never see your coins again.

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