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Birthday Wishes...From all of You

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Birthday Wishes...From all of You


As I opened my PC on the 14th at 04 o’clock as per usual, I decided to wait rather than answer each wish individually as they poured in. I went through each and every wish and I stood amazed that so many of you have remembered the day of my birth.


We move about our days and sometimes we seem to forget that we occupy a gap in time together. We get tunnel vision or we get busy or we feel alone. But in reality we are all stories intersecting.


I find myself the happiest when I have an awareness, a heat, a comfort in some gesture or acknowledgement that illuminates our shared humanity. I manifests itself in so many ways, in the smaller things life has to offer and bigger things that also follows along with it. Holding a door for a stranger. Standing up for those that are beat down or buckling. Then my Passion – My love for Dogs which keeps me sane (I Love what I do and I do what I Love).


Grace, it is not exclusively a religious sensations or goal. It is something inside of us – Something we are all capable of – Something that we all claim as due or just (exact), possibly more often than we realize and our stories are all the richer when we inhabit that space.


So thank you to each and everyone one of you - All the birthday wishes on this day that seems so small and insignificant to some in all the bigger plots, but it were not. Is it not strange that we all have one and that this day is married to so many beauties, hopes and heartaches for each of us. It is beautiful when we acknowledge that, even when it is just a simple thing to do - To say Happy Birthday.


Thank you Family, Colleagues, Friends, Neighbours, Members, Followers and Fans of my Groups and Timeline, Private Messages, e-mails, Phone Calls and just about everyone who took the time to think of me.


Happy Birthday right back to you, for whenever that day is for you!


Mari' Heyl

Destiny's Angels

Les PetitAngels

Canine Behaviour / Grooming / Psychology / Health / First Aid Consultancy

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