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System ignoring selected shipping option

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Cali Craft and Gems

Please refer to order number 7539186 from earlier today 27 May:


As per all our incense listings, there is a small combining fee.


When I checked this order a few moments ago, I see that the shipping amount showed only one combining fee instead of four (total of five items). This stood out so I checked the listings and see that one of the five had "free shipping" as the shipping options! (I have since changed this back to what it should be, and found another two incense listings with the same option)


What is most strange is that I always copy the previous incense listing to do another and have never changed the selected shipping method. (the free shipping option was only for angel card readings which I no longer offer)


My query is therefore: Is there any possible way that someone else could have changed this (not from my side as I am the only one who goes onto BoB)? Or was there possibly a hiccup in the system?


Over the last few weeks I have noticed little oddities on the BoB system, but have thought nothing of it until now. (many weeks back there was a whole batch of listings that did not relist despite being selected to relist so I redid them manually)


Regardless, I'll just be checking my listings / relistings very carefully from now on just to make sure there are no more odd things happening!

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