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Newbie would like some advice

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Hi all!


I recently opened my own business and as I want to sell online only, decided to try BOB. From my own experience as a buyer, the sellers here (1 or 2 exceptions...let's not go into that!) are a lovely bunch, so I'm sure you won't mind if I ask for some advice.


My stuff is all handcrafted, at the moment I have Moroccan style painted vases (soon to have olive oil bottles, when my paint arrives from Cape Town, SAPO grrr!). I have sold a few to friends and they use them as candle holders, so that is where I have listed them. Is it worth it to list them under another category too? Or should I be listing in another category altogether?


How do you guys feel about the auction vs buy now? I haven't found any threads that deal with that. I need a certain price for the items in order to cover costs and make it worth my while. I understand about reserve price, but do buyers tend to go more for one or the other? As a buyer it never made a difference to me... Should I run the risk of a R1 auction? Does your stuff really get more exposure?


And what about weekend specials? Do they attract more buyers? When I was buying a lot I went to the category of what I was looking for, but from reading through the threads I get the impression that many buyers don't have anything specific in mind. Incidentally, do sellers really lower prices for weekend specials?


Shipping has been discussed to destruction in the forum, but here's a new question: should I state that the shipping costs specified are South Africa only and due to the weight I will have to quote for any cross border postage?


Thanks to all sellers who have posted such valuable info on this forum, I really have learnt lots!


Thank you,


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Welcome to the "Seller" ! Not sure of the Category thing, what I usually do, if I have an item that can fit into more than one spot, is to list in one place for a while and then gauge the views & or interest. If after a while there just doesn't seem to be much happening I sometimes will change the Category. It sometimes works ! Auction v Buy Now I think is a preference ... I know of Sellers that will choose only one or the other. I opt for mainly Buy Now but that is my choice. The Auctions can be fun & can give you a good turn around but so too can go unsold. This is also true for the Special Auctions, with these you need to remember there is an additional fee payable sold or not. I do think having the occassional Crazy R1 Auction item is fun & I look at it as advertising and possible getting "new" buyers to view my items. As long as you are prepared to let the item go at R1 & still pay the fees then go for it. I have heard of a Seller quitting coz they only sold on R1 Auctions and then got annoyed having to package & post something for only R1 ! I think time of the month seems to make a difference to Weekend Auctions.

As for shipping I post overseas alot & have a statement under Shipping for "Shipping fee for within South Africa... request quote for International shipping." and mostly works. You would need to accept either Credit Card or Paypal payments for Overseas buyers.

Good luck with your venture & may you have many happy sales !

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