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Mandela 2000 r5 proof or prooflike???

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Ambassadors Invest

Hi All


I Have heard many dealers speak about NGC NOT grading Mandela 2000 R5's as PROOF anymore..


This is however untrue to some extent....


2000 R5's found in the SA MINT Issued CD Case either says prooflike or Proof on the inside.


However NGC has indicated that even some PROOF CD cases contain coins which are infact Prooflike.


Here is a Link on NGC website to clearly identify the difference of the two.



South African Mandela Coins: Mint State, Prooflike and Proof



One distinct feature that can be used is the jaw line of Mr Mandela which is noticeably more featured than on the prooflike Coin.


Apart from that the white frosting is a clear indication although untrained or novice eyes may be deceived...


At this point many buyers/sellers are concerned they may be purchasing prooflikes instead of PROOFS, regardless of that the inner cover says in the CD case..


I would advise all owners of sealed CD cases to rather open them and properly exam the coin they are in possession of...


You may think you have 50 Proofs... and be wrong.


I recently acquired quite a few covers, prompting me to contact NGC, I am at least pleased that all mine are undoubtedly PROOFS!


I hope this will help some of you!!!!

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