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Cash Deposit made

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I'm a little bit annoyed this morning. I received an order yesterday. The buyer did not select the option for a Cash Deposit, so the R16.50 was not added to her total amount. Yet this morning I found she had made a cash deposit to BidorBuy and R16.50 was deducted from my BidorBuy account. How can this happen?


Just to give a bit more info - The lady ordered from me before and paid too much postage the first time. I gave her credit for it (R30). So with this order, she removed the postage amount (which is perfectly fine with me) but now she made a cash deposit which I had to pay for. :cry:


I then wanted to go and completely remove the cash deposit payment option from my account, but found I couldn't. Why are sellers forced to allow cash deposits as this is what can happen?

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