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Interesting Question for Banknote Collectors

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If they can grade mint state banknotes (MS60 to MS70) according to the Sheldon scale, I see no reason why they cannot grade mint state stamps in the same manner.

It just sounds ludicrous – what on earth could be the difference between say a MS66 and MS67 banknote?

Regarding mint state coins it usually mean one scratch / or mark more or one less, but what could be the reason when it comes to top uncirculated banknotes?

Coins that were struck for circulation purposes but never circulated still show tiny scratches due to them bumping into each other when moved in coin bags from the Mint to the banks and that is an important factor when it comes to their MS grades. These are called “bag marks”

But what could be the reason for banknotes being given different MS grades say between MS65 and MS70?

See here ...


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