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Jacques Kuun

Boer War: You should know when you are simply being lucky!

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Jacques Kuun

Hello all

This is especially for Gabriel and Sheila. A little trivia from the Anglo Boer War.

Quote: “The ‘wild lads’ of Beaufort West’ during the late 1800s has long been a favourite topic among writers. And the wildest of them all was said to be a certain Dan Darvey, nicknamed ‘Mad Dan’ and called ‘Dan-jou-duiwel’ (Dan you devil) by his mother. Dan was known as a terrible tease and prankster. He exasperated the ‘dominee’ (minister) and terrorised schoolmasters. He once fired a shot over the head of a boy who knelt down to quench his thirst at a pond. The startled lad fell into the water and, while his clothes were spread out to dry, he spent hours walking around clad only in the Courier, the local newspaper. Dan was greatly amused.

In 1900 Dan joined the Cape Rebels. As a young Boer soldier he was credited with many deeds of great bravery and daring. He survived the Anglo-Boer War without a scratch, but at the war’s end could not settle down, so he went to America. In Mexico he joined the revolution and there his luck ran out. Dan was captured, tried as a rebel and executed.” Unquote.

So Gabriel, look out for that Anglo Boer War cover addressed to Dan Darvey.



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