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Purchased a pair of Oakley sunglasses (Order 6595579), seller advised 40 days to delivery, appalled but accepted.


Glasses did not arrive within 40 days, took another 2 weeks at which time, after paying for the most expensive courier option (of which the sellers site does not identify the difference between the options), the courier company demanded an additional R186.00.


I queried this on 19 November and was advised that the seller does not have the money at that time but would refund me by 12 December even though Bid or Buy instructed payment in 48 hours.


As at today no refund has been forthcoming!


I have been mislead, lied to and inconvenienced not to mention stolen from.


I eagerly await a response and corrective action i.e. my refund and the blacklisting of this seller.

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We apologise for the negative experience you have had with this seller. Unfortunately as the contract of sale is between you and the seller, only the seller can refund you, as payment has been made to the seller.


Blacklisting the seller will not remedy this situation, we have however, restricted their account (last year already when this was brought to our attention) and they are not able to sell until this issue is resolved.


We will continue to assist you in this regard. If the seller fails to remedy the situation we will advise you to open a case of theft under false pretenses against the seller. We will happily assist you in this regard. Should you require the seller's details please request this in writing on the current ticket number you have open with us.


We do apologise for this unfortunate situation.

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