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Strict rules for this forum:


Posts that do not comply will be deleted without notification


To the posters of an alleged scam or fraudulent deal:


  • 1. For fraud, post only after you have at least attempted to solve the problem via Bidorbuy - email: hello@bidorbuy.co.za, AND/OR posting on the Community Watch facility on the item in question.
    2. Post a link to the item showing the sellers username and your username.
    3. Post the entire story, truthfully and and to the best of your knowledge .
    4. Write what you factually know, not what you have heard.
    5. Do not be insulting or derogatory in your post.
    6. Use the best written language, (English or Afrikaans), to the best of your ability. This will assist in evaluating your post.(*)
    7. Do not post when you are angry - think on it first.
    8. Do not post real names, only usernames are allowed.
    9. Do not post identity numbers or any other personal information, such as email addresses or contact numbers..


To any member who posts in reply:


  • 1. Weigh up the post, by read it carefully before answering.
    2. Do not take sides prematurely.
    3. Try and post advice and not criticism in order to resolve the issue.
    4. No trolls or flamers will be allowed to post on this forum.


Note: this forum is constantly monitored by the Security Department at Bidorbuy.


(*) If you find you cannot, PM the administrator, who may or may not assist you, depending on your allegation and time.

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