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stamp fairs etc on overseas trip

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Hi to all bobbers.I visited 2 small stamp fairs and 1 auction whilst in London.The cost of stamps is very expensive.At the fairs the dealers all had brand new Gibbons cataloges and the stamps were priced Unmounted 40% of Cat.Mounted 30% of Cat. Good used 33% of cat.It seemed as all dealers had got together and this was there price,most had a glory corner on the stand and this should have been called the rubbish corner.The auction was on a Friday night and the minimum start was 5 Pounds I looked at what was selling and apart from the very good stuff ( which was selling for nearly full cat) I could not see me paying R70.00 for any of it.A SWA FDC No 10 Birds sold for 19.75 Pounds. 1975 SWA Historic monuments control block of 6. 10.50 Pounds.

The attendance at the stamp fairs had to be seen to believe there were 16 tables/dealers and the crowd was at least 4 deep around each table you just had to wait your turn to view what was on the tables.Anyway had a great time weather was good, came back to a freezing cold and wet Newcastle.Hope you al have a great day.Regards Kevin

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