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Attention Vendors - Inadequate Text and Photographs

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To All Vendors,


I am new to bob, but I have discovered one thing that is very frustrating: very few sellers describe what they have for sale and/or post enough clear, in-focus photographs.


I do not understand how people expect to sell products with just a title & one photo? I am constantly contacting sellers via email, having to wait up to 3 days for a reply, that often is very brief and not informative.


I even had to ask one company to post more photos so I could make an educated guess!


People - Buy a simple point and shoot digital camera and a couple of clamp lamps, set camera to macro mode, compose your image with a sold, contrasting colored back drop, brace yourself, and shoot. It is not that difficult!


Take your time, shoot multiple views, and don't post out of focus pictures or generic advertising images. You will gain the appreciation of your visitors, while increasing your sales. It's a win-win situation!


Thank you.


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