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captain emo

Ok seriously now.... just wow.

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captain emo

As I still enjoy gaming on the PS2 I often browse through the games categories to see if there is anything worth picking up. Whilst doing this the other day I came across a certain seller who shall remain nameless (shouldn't be too hard to identify once you read below) charging absolutely exhorbitant prices for their games. I am not talking like R400 for a game that usually retails for R120, this nutjob is seriously asking upwards of R2,000 for some games.


Collector's items you ask? Nope plain garden variety games that can be obtained for a fraction of the price from other sellers on Bob or other websites.


The reasons for these prices is that the games are imported from overseas. Now I understand that importing is expensive but this particualr seller seems to have a fairly large stock compliment so its not as if the games are being imported one by one and even if they were it wouldnt push up the price that excessively. I hate importing being used as an excuse when it comes to games as every single game sold in this country barring a few locally produced independent games is imported. If I recall correctly with the PS1 there were 3 CD producing plants in the whole world that could press the games and I dont ever recall any game retailing for anything close to that. One would assume that a similar number of plants produced PS2 games. If other retailers and games shops have to import their goods are still able to sell them for a reasonable price then why can't this seller.


I understand the concept of "If you aren't happy with the price, then don't buy" but at what point do we step in and say that a price is excessive and runs the risk of Bob being labelled as a rip off website?

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