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Mad about Jack

So back to Wednesday auction.....

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Mad about Jack

* I have been looking at car auctions and it amazes me sometimes how the vehicle value is calculated.


Have a look:




They are selling for around R65000, seller declares value at R105000. It is actually advertised on another site for.... guess how much...... R65000.


* This one is advertised as a 2001 and a 2003 (but is probably a 2003) with a value declared of R55000 but is actually advertised on another site for R46500.




* This one is advertised with a declared value of R79950.




Yes a few extras and low kms but retail is R55000 with maybe a R8000 to R10000 premium.



I am not taking a stab at any of these sellers however the values of the vehicles are not what they should be, try getting them insured for these values. Rather leave the value blank.

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\i agree with you Jack - leave the value blank

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