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Illegal Activities Growing on BOB

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It seems that the presence of more and more counterfeits are surfacing on BOB in the Coin and Note Section.


Its not only counterfeits but ILLEGAL merchandise which seems to be gathering pace, examples are silver clad coins and bars which in 100% of all instances are illegal under international law but known to BOB are sold left right and center.


Today's Crazy Wednesday examples:

Gold & Bullion Coins - Canada Robin Spring 1oz Silver Clad Coin for sale in Johannesburg (ID:111487575)


Gold & Bullion Coins - Canadian Mallard 10$ 1oz. Silver Clad Coin. for sale in Johannesburg (ID:111525427)


For the above two examples the coins are counterfeit under under law it is illegal to own/sell/utter and represent.


Gold & Bullion Coins - Liberty Walk 2000 1oz Silver Clad Coin for sale in Johannesburg (ID:111444012)


This one does not even justify an answer!!


Regardless whether the coins are advertised correctly it is ILLEGAL - THIS SOME OR OTHER TIME IS GOING TO COME TO A PAINFUL END!

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