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Being a total Newbie to this type of purchasing on line I need to apologise firstly to a Seller for

not being "up to speed" on how the whole process works.....


Secondly I feel that first time buyers should be given a little more assistance and consideration

instead of being made to feel like they are crooks and frauds and need to be " banned as we don't need buyers like this....

as it messes up my ratings "


I bid on something that I really wanted as I have the real life item and wanted this particular item.

I was not aware that I had won the bid nor that I had to pay within 48hrs .....


Once again I do apologise for my ignorance and hope my next purchase will be a more pleasant experience

now that I know the ropes.


Wether this will be possible I don't know ...... as it appears that I might be "Banned"


Kind regards

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It is always good to read the description and shipping details of an item. If you not sure ask the seller questions before bidding.

Sellers pay for the listing of the items and when the auction close on a bid, the seller pay a success fee.


When the buyer do not pay, the seller has to file a SNC to have this fee reversed. The listing fee dont get paid back.


I had no problem with first time buyers so far and will give them a chance.


Hope your future buying on BOB will go well

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